Biodiversity at Life Farms

At Life Farms we grow our crops in harmony with nature. 
Over the years we discovered many different native animals and plants at the farm. Many of them are beneficial for farming. Check out our species list.

Habitat Management & Restoration

At Life Farms we see it as our duty to conserve parts of our farmland for nature. Our freshwater pond is home to many different aquatic animals and plants. Snapping turtles, otters, different kind of frogs and a huge number of dragon flies hunt for insects over our fields. A hydric hammock with swamp tupelo, water oaks, wax myrtles and elderberries surround the pond. Many birds like blackbirds, wrens and different kinds of woodpeckers nest there. 
In addition we create habitats for wildlife. This attracts beneficial songbirds, insects, spiders and parasitoids.
These organisms help us to reduce pests.

Sustainability & Waste Reduction

Shifting to biodegradable packaging