Local Honey is More than Just Tasty!

Life Farms has been offering locally produced honey on our farm for years now. We would like to share what makes our honey different from store bought or even local mass produced honey. First, let's acquaint you with our beekeeper and our natural beekeeping practices.

Meet Marek, a CSA Member and our beekeeper, who was raised in Slovakia and lived there on a country farm with a vegetable garden and bee hives. He is very knowledgeable about bees and how to work with them with using natural methods.

One thing that distinguishes our honey from others is that we do not use any bee pesticides or fungicides to keep bees healthy. Some honey producers (even local ones) actually have to spray their bees to keep them healthy because they are larger operations. When Marek harvests the honey, he leaves some honey in the hive for the bees which keeps us from needing to feed them sugar water or off site honey as some larger operations are forced to do. We respect the bees and their stores of honey for themselves while they are resting during non-flowering seasons. Being a smaller bee hive site allows us to use these natural practices with success.

Honey has been used for centuries as medicine, especially for airborne allergies and to soothe sore throats. If you take a teaspoon a day of local honey, it can help alleviate airborne allergies over time. It's important to eat honey that comes from your local area where the bees feed on the same flora that causes your allergic reactions.

You are also getting digestive enzymes in the honey too! They help you to digest your food and ease discomfort. Just be careful not to overdo the honey as it is still sugar and can also upset the balance of your gut microbiome if you eat too much!

Plenty of reasons to really enjoy the sweetness of our local, naturally produced honey here at Life Farms! Pick some up on your next visit to the farm!

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