Produce Life Enhanced!

Ever wonder how you can make your produce last all week until the next week's harvest?

Here are a few tips for storing your veggies and herbs that will prolong their life and keep them fresh! Feel free to add your own veggie storage tips below in the Comment section!

Tip #1 - Some herbs and green onions do really well sitting on your kitchen counter in a small jar of water. Place freshly cut herbs or bulbs of onions in a little jar filled with clean water and refill it as necessary. Your herbs will last much longer this way! Some like to cover with a plastic bag also which creates a greenhouse effect.

Tip #2 - To keep leaf lettuce lasting longer, try wrapping the whole head in a paper towel or tea towel and then place in a plastic bag. Green bags (developed by Debbie Meyer) are a nice option too as they deter spoilage.

Tip #3 - To retain flavor in tomatoes, store on the counter in a cool place instead of in the refrigerator.

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