Wildlife Helpers!

Part of our organic farming method includes promoting beneficial insects and wildlife to help us pollinate flowering vegetables, to keep certain plant eaters at bay, or to make our soil healthy. Did you know that the bees we keep onsite not only provide you with local honey but also help pollinate our flowering vegetables and fruits?

On our six acre lot, about two acres are used for field production. Another 1.5 acres are covered by the main building, greenhouses, parking lots and a washing area. About 2.5 acres are reserved for a variety of wildlife habitats.

These habitats are: Freshwater pond (eutrophic) Hydric hammock Smaller grassy areas/meadow Perimeter hedge Specimen trees: Slash pines, cabbage palm trees, swamp tupelo, live oaks, water oaks

When you don't use pesticides, insects and wildlife will flourish and work with us as farmers. We are currently applying for a wildlife habitat grant to help us preserve our natural wildlife and encourage even more biological pest control! This is called Integrated Pest Management and it is so important in helping us to keep our farming organic.

Here are a few of our current wildlife friends on the farm, who like you, appreciate that we don't use chemicals to grow our produce: