Banana Tree, Burro

Banana Tree, Burro

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Similar to the well-known Cavendish banana, the Burro Banana is flatter, smaller and more square, yet just as versatile. The Burro Banana, from Mexico, is available year-round and has a tangy lemon flavor. Once ripe, the soft flesh is creamy white or yellow with some firmness toward the center.

Used when firm, the Burro banana can be sliced and added to cereals or made into banana chips (see recipe below). When softer, they can also be mashed and used in cakes, Bananas Foster and other dessert recipes.

Burro Bananas from Melissa’s are hand-selected for excellent quality. As is true with most bananas, Burro Bananas are harvested green and allowed to ripen while transported to their destination. When ripe, the skin is yellow with black spots.

Bananas with brown or black spotted peels only indicate ripeness, while the fruit itself remains unchanged. Store at room temperature. Once ripe, Burro Bananas may be refrigerated for a few days. Freezing is not recommended.