CSA HALF SHARE of vegetable, herbs & micro greens (33 weeks)


Full Season Shares are a 33 week growing season worth of weekly deliveries of the finest local food. Each bag provides for a household of 2-4, and includes 8-11 items of fresh produce, micro greens and herbs. It also includes a bi-weekly newsletter, which has recipe(s), snapshots from the farm, and a note from your farmers.

Enjoy a large share of fresh veggies every week for 33 weeks from Fall through Summer. 
33 bags total
$25/bag x 33 weeks = $825.00

Pick-up days are Friday, Saturday from 10am-3pm & Monday from 10am-5pm.
Every week from ovember 1st- June 15th



    Fresh harvested, seasonal produce from our fields in Clearwater.